Thursday, April 30, 2009

No one will play this game!!!

OK, so I saw this post on Kotaku and while this isn't the first time I've seen a game like this pop up, it for whatever reason spurred me to post about it.

There are Sooo many shite WoW clones being made.... when will people learn. If you want to copy or emulate an existing game... you have to at the very least meet the same level of quality... the only quality these guys will see here is spelled kwality.

Just because a game is "free" absolutely does not mean people will be even remotely interested in playing it. It just lowers the entry bar. If you have a fun game, people will want to play it. They may even pay you for it! But come on, if you have a shitty game, people, (like me), will point and laugh at you. Time for these "me-too" development studios to get a clue. This is not exclusive to games by any means. It seems so obvious. Pixar did not invent 3D animation in film, they just did it better than anyone else. CNN did not invent TV or web news casting, they just packaged it better than anyone else had. World of Warcraft did not invent the fantasy MMO, they just did it better than everyone else. Quality, quality, quality. Not kwality. Quality is not cheap or free, nor should it be, but in my opinion it is always worth it.

That is all. *Steps carefully off of his soapbox and gets back to working on a quality game*

Friday, April 17, 2009


I went to Rainbow grocery, the vegetarian co-op near my work, to pick up some groceries for dinner and also to carb up for lunch today. Generally I like Rainbow; even though many of the customers are eccentric(to say the least), it's not as expensive or showy as Whole Foods, and duh, I'm the kind of person who chooses to live in San Francisco. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rainbow, My gay Joe once challenged another coworker to see who could find the first woman wearing lipstick when they went there a few months ago. they both lost because neither could find a single one.
so... Rainbow. ah, Rainbow. Everybody was a total zombie in there today. The crowd that does their grocery shopping at 11:30 am on a friday is normally kind of on island time anyways, but seriously. By the time I had the third person slowly shuffle into my path while looking straight at me with unseeing eyes and stop directly in front of me while they appeared to contemplate the meaning of life, I wanted to say "Duuuude. you're like totally in my way. Can you, like, chill over by the organic vegan pastries please?"
humph. (makes grumpy old man face).
ohh! someone just stopped their car outside my apartment and is blasting thriller-era Michael Jackson! Yay! more updates later.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

two things

okay, two funny things to blog about today. The first is that we went to eat Pho with a couple that we are friends with, and the guy at the restaurant asked if we minded sharing a big table and we said "no". then we get seated at a big round table (probably bid enough for 8-10 people) with another guy, who was there by himself. this is always a little awkward for me, partially because I always feel bad for people eating alone (I hate it myself) and partially because American culture doesn't often put strangers at the same table unless it is at a counter. So I said "hi" to the guy, and he said "hi" back, but he seemed to be all about the pho and not wanting to join our group so that was all good. we proceed to talk amongst ourselves like the guy wasn't there (nothing inappropriate mind you, just acted like we were at tables next to each other instead of at the same table). and at some point in the meal I told the other couple that next time we travel maybe they should join us and meet up on the road, and they said they probably can't because they will be busy. And then they tell us that she is pregnant (note that they did not say "we are pregnant", which is a phrase that I absolutely despise. no, you both are not pregnant. she is pregnant, you two are having a baby). anywoo... I kind of saw the guy next to us change posture or something but I ignored it because of a.) I was surprised at the pregnancy news and b.)Isaac literally did a spit take with his soup and said "what?!". But when I got home I realized how funny/weird this must have been for the poor dude sitting next to us- he's already eating at a table with strangers and now he's sitting there while big personal news is being revealed.

The second thing was that I was sitting in the living room a minute ago and looking at the box of butt rocks kitty litter we just bought and it just looked totally trippy and bizarre. Then I realized I was a little drunk on sake. but then I thought that the picture I took was kind of funny anyways so I wanted to post it. sorry if it's not funny to you sober people.