Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Hitote Project

Hitote, originally uploaded by Simian Cephalopod.

This is my entry for the Hitote Project. Since one of the key tools in artists creations is their hand, the basic concept is to have artists create an image of how they view their hand... and attempt to capture their personal style in the image. It's hard to explain, I recommend just hopping over to the project site and reading more :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

long exposure waves B/W - Pacifica, Ca

Pacifica, originally uploaded by Simian Cephalopod.

This is another shot from the same location as the previous post, but taken by Isaac on the other side of the pier, and vigorously edited for good measure. The exposure was 10 seconds in full sun at midday.

Kerry thinks the water looks like a frothy latte :)

Memory of Water

Memory of Water, originally uploaded by craftyK.

I thought the image of the rust pouring into the shell was rather beautiful.

long exposure waves- Pacifica, Ca

long exposure waves, originally uploaded by craftyK.

This was from our first day out with our new ND400 filter. it only lets in 1/400 of the light, so we can do long exposures in bright daylight. We have a lot more experimenting to do, but I'm pretty happy with this for a first try. Isaac got some good shots too... now we need to go shoot a river!