Sunday, August 3, 2008

Great Times

After a long period of not seeing Lisa and Marc it was like a much needed drug fix for a junkie complete with the aftermath of withdrawal. We, as always, had an amazing time. On June 21st we took a nice long drive down to Big Sur stopping whenever any of us felt like stopping to soak it in and take some pictures. The shot above is at one point were we could see a huge thunderstorm heading to the coast from out to sea. That storm that you see Lisa pointing at is the one that started this gigantic fire on one of the hill tops. Once we were down in Big Sur, we actually almost didn't get to drive back through on Highway 1 due to all of the fire crews and helicopters trying to start their attack on the blaze.

On that following Tuesday, we decided to test a theme park here in California to see how it measured up to the epic coaster-filled mega-parks of the Midwest. Of course, the park turned out to be much smaller in almost every measurable scale, but since it was a really slow Tuesday with little to waiting for every ride and Perfect weather, it made for a really superb day! In the day we also discovered that we are all losers in comparison to Lisa. At times when the rest of us would need to stop and let the dizziness wear off so we wouldn't yak all over the place, Lisa was calmly sitting back with a Buddha smile, soaking in the gentile sun and breeze, wondrously curious as to why we were having such a hard time. The image below pretty much sums up the day.

We can't wait to see them again...