Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day

power lines, originally uploaded by craftyK.

After a very nice and low-key New Years eve spent at home, Isaac and I decided to go for a hike near the salt flats that we went to when mom and John were visiting. Too bad the trails were closed off because of the holiday. So we drove around a bit, and saw the trails at Ravenswood Trough. As we were approaching the gate to the trail, I saw a "trail closed" sign. :( not to be deterred, and getting antsy at having our original plans dashed, Isaac suggests that we go on the trails anyway. We even saw two people in the distance on the trail., which helped convince me that it wasn't a major crime. As we are getting closer to the sign, I saw a smaller sign behind the first that said "closed for waterfowl hunting season". Ohh. then we noticed the two people on the trail had what appeared to be shotguns. double oh-ohh. (Did I mention the entire area is on/near a waterfowl refuge? WTF?) So we decided the "trail closed" sign got the final say, and took some photos of all the power lines around the area (did I mention that this is supposed to be a wildlife refuge? oh wait, yes I did). Isaac and I got a few nice shots with our Harblei lens, which we will be posting over the next few days on flickr. I LOVE the Harblei lens. Seriously folks, you can't afford NOT to buy this lens! :)
At any rate, we ended up having a nice peaceful new year's day and Isaac made a kick-ass Shrimp Etouffee from scratch (thanks for the recipe Lisa) That was scrumptious. And I peeled the shrimp, so I even get to say i helped. How's that for starting the new year right?