Wednesday, September 5, 2007

long exposure waves- Pacifica, Ca

long exposure waves, originally uploaded by craftyK.

This was from our first day out with our new ND400 filter. it only lets in 1/400 of the light, so we can do long exposures in bright daylight. We have a lot more experimenting to do, but I'm pretty happy with this for a first try. Isaac got some good shots too... now we need to go shoot a river!


Isaac Epp and Kerry Laws said...

I also can't wait to take field photos, to see if we can't make it look like water! :)

Lisa said...

I like these pictures! The water looks like mist. Isaac's picture looks darker because of the editing, but this one is so bright it looks like a normal picture with a misty lake! If you hadn't pointed it out I'm not sure I would have even noticed right away that the water was wrong. :)

Isaac Epp and Kerry Laws said...

Isn't the effect cool!