Thursday, April 30, 2009

No one will play this game!!!

OK, so I saw this post on Kotaku and while this isn't the first time I've seen a game like this pop up, it for whatever reason spurred me to post about it.

There are Sooo many shite WoW clones being made.... when will people learn. If you want to copy or emulate an existing game... you have to at the very least meet the same level of quality... the only quality these guys will see here is spelled kwality.

Just because a game is "free" absolutely does not mean people will be even remotely interested in playing it. It just lowers the entry bar. If you have a fun game, people will want to play it. They may even pay you for it! But come on, if you have a shitty game, people, (like me), will point and laugh at you. Time for these "me-too" development studios to get a clue. This is not exclusive to games by any means. It seems so obvious. Pixar did not invent 3D animation in film, they just did it better than anyone else. CNN did not invent TV or web news casting, they just packaged it better than anyone else had. World of Warcraft did not invent the fantasy MMO, they just did it better than everyone else. Quality, quality, quality. Not kwality. Quality is not cheap or free, nor should it be, but in my opinion it is always worth it.

That is all. *Steps carefully off of his soapbox and gets back to working on a quality game*

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