Sunday, March 22, 2009

old emails

I'm putting together a book of old travel emails from my family and found this funny exchange between me and Isaac. It's old but I thought I'd share. BTW, at the time we were planning on making some sort of preserved octopus display like one we saw at Paxton's Gate.
Kerry: What do you think of the jar I'm watching on e-bay? There is no embossing except on the bottom!
Isaac: Pretty sweet! We would have to cover the top, but will probalby want to do that in any event anywho
BTW, do you have Micheal's phone number? The window people need it.
Kerry:I don't sorry.
The jar comes with a cover, right?
Isaac: it looked like it did
Kerry: then what chew talkn' bout?
Isaac: about obfuscating the top, so it doesn't looksie likes a cuuntry jar :)
Kerry: that's an old timey octopus jar and lid!!! those are very rare

We got the jar and now it's sitting under our kitchen sink.

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Isaac said...

Hahaha, I still want to do that art project!