Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love a nice orderly line

What is it about lines that makes me want to get in them? And is it just me? I was walking to the farmer's market for lunch today, itself an interesting experience. Example: a man was handing out free samples of peanut brittle and telling people "try some, it could be your last chance at happiness" and he was so earnest when he said it, like he really believed it, and there appeared to be no one selling any peanut brittle at the farmer's market today. So perhaps it was a misguided attempt at socialization, or an art project, and not a "sample" as I first assumed, but I digress.
anyway, I had to walk past the Orpheum theater and saw a small mob of people descending on the ticket booth. There were about 40 people already in line, with expectant, eager faces. And I tell you, I was almost drawn into that line. never mind that they mostly show musicales at that theater, and I hate musicales. In fact, there was a huge banner advertising "Wicked" above the door, which was probably the only thing that stopped me from queuing.
This isn't the first time either, one time I passed a Mexican bakery that had a huge line at the door (never mind that I hate Mexican baked goods), and I almost got in that line too. My fist thought was "what are they selling that everyone wants?" and my second thought was "there's something in there that everyone wants, thank god I happened by!" I still don't know what they were selling, and it haunts me. Why can't I just let other people have stuff I don't have? I don't know. It's probably the smug look on the faces of everyone in line, like they know that if I decide to get in line they will be way ahead of me.
It's probably a good thing I don't have kids. Which is really quiet an understatement, if you know me well at all. But one of the reasons is I know, I'm sure, I would be one of those moms lined up at Walmart on black Friday at 5am to get the tickle me Elmo. I would be the one you read about in the paper, trampling some poor worker while I fight over the last doll. Hands off, fuckers. That Elmo is mine!


Marc said...

heehehe, this is going to make my lady pee her pants laughing

Lisa said...

yeah it totally did make me pee, except I don't feel quite the same mind-meld as I do for the people who dress their body parts for different climates.
Like with crowds I am totally all "oooh- what are they looking at? Let me see!"
But with lines I'm more like "Damn, I'm glad I don't have to stand there with those fools! I have everything I need! They can't possibly be in a line like that for anything good enough to make the waiting worth it."

p.s. I totally love the word verification on blogger here. The one today is "bastr" which is only missing a "d" at the end. I feel like that happens a lot with the word verification words- they are only one small and obvious step away from greatness.

craftyk said...

tee hee! I guess if everyone in line looks miserable, then i don't want to be in it. Like the line at Safeway or something. but some lines are full of people who look like they can't believe their good luck that the line is still moving forward and therefor whatever they are waiting for isn't sold out/gone. Sometimes I see those lines at record stores, book stores, anonymous office spaces,etc and I feel like they are either 1. buying something that has only been available for a few minutes and will sell out quickly or 2. someone important happens to be there and you'd be crazy to miss it. that's how Isaac saw Bill Clinton at Stacy's books :)

Isaac said...

Actually, I think it was Hillary that I saw at Stacey's... I miss Stacey's...