Sunday, March 9, 2008


Welcome to Paris., originally uploaded by Simian Cephalopod.

Sooooo. Here we are! This was the amazing view from our hotel room when we got in, which we very much needed to brighten our day. Why you ask? Well, in addition to an unscheduled 7 hour layover in Philadelphia due to "mechanical problems" (errr...yeah, go ahead and fix that, guys), I (Kerry) lost my wallet within 1 hour of arriving. Yes, you heard me- my wallet was either pick pocketed or somehow fell out of my bag, (both seem unlikely, but it had to be one of those things) between the train ride and the hotel. While I was initially devastated, after a while (and after Marc and Lisa helped cancel the cards -- shout out Marc and Lisa) I am (kind of) able to see the humor in losing all of my credit cards, my CA ID, my health insurance card, and a ton of cash all within 1 hour of touching French soil. That's got to be a record! How much money? 500 Euros (about $750). Major suckage. But it does make me wonder- what kind of an evening did my 500 Euros have last night? I would like to think it ran as fast as it could into the arms of some widowed grandmother who is barely scraping by, or even cuddled up with some poor Parisian schoolboy who has never seen, never even SEEN that much money in his whole life and now can finally buy a new suit so that Chloe, the shopkeeper's daughter, finally notices him. That's what I'd like to believe. But you see, I feel like I know my money pretty well. My money likes to spend it's time doing careless, regrettable things. And remember, this is my money's first time in Paris. I'm guessing my money hung out all night with strippers, used lots of drugs, and is just now waking up in a pile of it's own vomit, wondering what happened to it's pants. That's just a guess, but still. You so crazy,500 Euros. I love you, but you so crazy.
Well,we are off to see the Louvre! SOME people like to be productive (I'm talking to you, 500 Euros).


Marc said...

What a great shot! Glad that you're able to laugh about the situation now. I know that I laughed when I read your story!

Lisa said...

oh my god I am peeing my pants. Your crazy money!
I hope your trip is all sweetness and light from here on out.

Lisa said...

Does this mean it's time to get a CA _driver's license_?!

Isaac Epp and Kerry Laws said...

LOL, yes it does!

meltingsun said...

Bummer on the wallet guys. I hope it was smooth sailing after the initial shock of the wallet loss. Sorry I am a little behind on your posts. Just catching up!

Isaac Epp and Kerry Laws said...

Thanks man! Kerry got a nice new leather wallet in Florence ;)