Wednesday, March 12, 2008



After our rocky relationship with our euros kicked off our bon voyage, it seems our trip has swung into gear. We spent Monday's light hours, (note it was not light here, but rather deep dark and dumping buckets in a maelstrom all-day-long), at famous for a reason Louvre, (the weather was great inside!). They say it would take 9 months to just glance at all of the art there because it's a touch on the large side, so you have to plan ahead and just pick a section or two, and pretend the rest of the galleries don't exist. We chose to check out most of the French and Italian paintings and sculpture including La Jaconde (the Mona Lisa). Most of the museum is moderately to sparsely filled with visitors from around the globe, but the Mona Lisa crowd is absolutely bat-guano crazy, (see coming image for more). Kerry and I both found ourselves drawn to capture the crowd rather than try and take a mediocre photograph of the small master painting. It is pretty funny, it is in a spectacular room full of gargantuan paintings and only a small fraction of the visitors seem even remotely interested in them.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to some delicious Vietnamese Pho, (Isaac's bowl containing not just a few animal parts they he cannot name), and some good-ol-times sipping on what could be the world's greatest mojitos at a really fun bar. Au revoir for now, more to come later today.


merritocracy said...

hahaha, oh thats some brilliant writing there missy. I think youre right abt your Euros though. Granny-schmanny--theyre w/ the hookers :)
Amazing freakin image of rainbow. And abt those freaky Mona Lisa peeps. WTF? PiR and I did the same (took pics of the people with Mono-Lisa Vision)
Have awesome time in Paris. We take care good of meow meow. America miss you.

Isaac Epp and Kerry Laws said...

HAHAHA, good times eh! We miss our lil' meow meow... :)

Oh, and guess what, apparently there are people in France and Italy who know how to cook... who knew?! MMm... stinky cheese and wine... mmmmmm....