Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chillin' in Taipei, and by chillin' I mean sitting and really tired.

So the first flight is behind us, and we are, as one might expect, lots of tired going on. The flight was roughly 12 hours and we are now an hour away from the last hop over to Bangkok. The best tidbit thus far was losing our friend Kat on the plane while we were exiting... Just take a moment to let that sink in. A plane, (a 747 to be fair), with two aisles, we are all walking in single file lines... very slowly towards the ONE exit, and somehow... inexplicably, we lost an adult human female laden with baggage, (backpack etc.). After some terribly confusing standing in one place and circling to look around, we were certain that she was either still on the plane, or far far ahead of us. Eventually, we went to the next gate and set up camp. I stayed around to watch our packs and keep an eye out for the Kat, while Kerry went out to wee and hopefully find the Kat wondering around scavenging for some snacks. Turned out, after the wee, Kerry was washing her hands and Kat walked up to her and said, "Oh, hi."... So there we are. We are all back together, just spent a ridiculous amount of cash on terrible food and are now a few minutes closer to Bangkok. w00t!

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