Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dirty Thirty? No, clean thirty!

So, last week, Isaac asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday over the weekend (since actual birthday falls on an uber-lame Tuesday). Like many women, I had certain feelings about turning thirty. And those feelings were centered around a blinding, all consuming rage over turning thirty and not having a walk-in closet. You see, dear reader, we have lived in a 1 bedroom apartment in San Francisco for the last 6 years. And it just so happens that the apartment also just had a birthday. It just turned 100 years old. and 100 years ago it appears that they didn't have closets. So our closet (and might I add it is the only one in the entire apartment, poor Isaac has a even smaller Ikea wardrobe)is an afterthought- a tiny little thing added sometime later in the apartment's life so that the apartment could legally be listed as a 1 bedroom. This thing is small, and contains suspicious water stains over a lifetime of wallpaper and paint layers(see first photo). It will not properly contain all of my clothing, which is not even that much for the NYC "sex in the city" lifestyle I am so clearly living. Le Sigh. So, Isaac and I looked at the closet with fresh eyes and figured we could knock the top shelf out, raise the bar (literally), and add a second bar. The result is perfection! I have a bin for socks at the bottom, another bin for pajamas, and all of my coats, tops and bottoms now fit in the closet. Don't ask about bras and underwear because I had to find another solution for those, but they are out of sight now. we bought an over the door shoe rack(I know... duh) and even had enough space that I am allowing Isaac to keep his three pairs of shoes there too. Now that I'm thirty, I have a big girl's closet! Hooray! And for those of you who think it's lame that that's how I spent my birthday, please remember that my life already has plenty of boozy cocktail parties and absolutely no bathtubs or walk-in closets. Hence I spend much of my free time dreaming of the day when I will live somewhere with a bathtub and a big closet. Now the closet gods have been appeased!


Lisa said...

OMG I am laughing out loud at the text. As for the picture? Cutest. Kerry. EVER.

Happy Birthday Monkey!!
You deserve to live in the biggest closet ever, surrounded by whirlpool and Japanese soaking tubs. Ah, what a life it would be!

Ineke said...

Kerry, Love, Happy Happy Birthday!!! Your remodeled closet is fabulous, and that picture?? Hello, better than an entire season of Sex and the City!

Finally got around catching up on your blog; the 1933 photo of your grandma is lovely.

Kat said...

omg...i'm an asshole! happy belated birthday, my sexy little 30 year old. big girl closet -- that's what life is about. i'm still waiting for my big girl closet ;)