Thursday, January 15, 2009

Counting is hard Mr. Hat?!

Sorry for the title, I just had to get a little elbow jab in at Kerry for her five, er' seven things post :D

I tend to shy away from tag replies, predominantly after being burned from having been poked to do it so many times on DeviantArt, but alas, a request from Kat seems ever so hard to decline and Kerry already took the plunge, so what the hell right? This will probably be the most personal post of this kind that I've done.

One: I was raised in a Very religious household. In fact my father was a minister. I know have an incredible amount of guilt for trying to spread that religion as a child. I really do feel that I should have known better. Today I am an ardent Atheist. And while I don't hold it against my parents for having raised me in a religious household, I regret not having been raised with no religion.

Two: I am a classically trained violinist and have taught myself with the help of friends and family growing up to also sing, play guitar, electric bass, and enough piano to do a fair bit of midi work. I love to pick up or make new instruments and incorporate their unique textures into my art.

Three: I've always wanted to be a rock star and still wish I spent more time making music. Though since I've found other ways to create strong art, (photography, games, sculpture, etc.), my urge for that lifestyle has waned and I now just want to ensure I am in a life environment where I can continually create. Happily, I've been able to keep that a reality and see no reason for it to end.

Four: I started smoking at roughly fourteen years old and quit smoking on February 12th 2001. I am now more sensitive to smoke than anyone I know and have a hard time not lecturing and/or physically assaulting smokers as they pass by on a sidewalk.

Five: Six months after I quit smoking I had the wonderful and enlightening opportunity to hold a human lung riddled with a form of lung cancer and emphysema. It felt like a leaky latex sack full of golf balls. The memory doesn't haunt me in the slightest, but did help put things in perspective. I haven't smoked a cigarette since. I recommend it to everyone!

Six: I, (Kerry as well), have an extremely strong passion for travel that I hope is contagious. Kerry and I continually debate whether or not to put everything we have in storage and teach English and volunteer in a foreign third-world country for a few years. It still could very well happen at some point. Related to that, also regret not having learned more languages in my early youth.

Seven: Although I do feel somewhat guilty about it, I have to admit that I do look down on people who believe in the supernatural, including religion as being horribly mislead, and am confident that so long as we can survive as a species we will socially evolve past religion and the supernatural in anything past entertainment. I reject the notion that people require self-delusion and belief in figments of the imagination in order to have positive hope or reason for kindness, caring, or sympathy.

Well, that's it, time for some good times with Kerry and the now visiting LISA!!! So excited!


Anonymous said...
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Kat said...

i knew you were a musician, but a classically trained violinist?! that's awesome. i'm sorry i spammed you, but i love this post :)

Isaac said...

Thanks Kat :)

It was actually pretty exciting to have such a personal post.