Sunday, March 16, 2008

Notre Dame

Notre Dame, originally uploaded by craftyK.

So, uh, well, this is Notre Dame! It is a pretty overwhelming structure. We thought this would be our "inside" day, but it turns out, the building is pretty big, so a lot of time was spent walking around checking out the abundant gargoyles, and then a line in the blustery wind and rain, (yes this shot was during a brief break in the weather), to be able to climb the hundreds of stairs exploring the towers of the cathedral.

Once we got inside we spent quite a bit of time checking out the endless supply of alcoves, relics, tourists, and priceless art. The architecture is baffling; I know it took 300 plus years to build, but even then it is a marvel.

Afterwards, we stumbled upon the fact that catacombs are closed this month, (bummer), but afterwards stayed in the Monteparnasse neighborhood to visit the grave site of Jean Paul Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir, (shout-out). Good times, but in the end, it was the only slightly disappointing neighborhood in Paris thus far. Not that it was bad, just not quite as impressive and quintessentially French as the rest of the neighborhoods we've spent time in.

Internet access has been spotty so we haven't been able to blog as much as we wanted. The wedding was amazing, we will be able to post more and catch up soon. Tomorrow we take a 12hr. train ride to Venice!

Au revoir!


Anonymous said...

Isaac - dude!!! I was just thinking of you today - and saw your posting on TP's site.... which led me to your site!! Sounds like you guys are doing the same trip Keith and I did... Our trip was so memorable... we just did Italy - but did Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Pompeii, Vesuvius, Rome, Florence and Venice... incredible - was fun to read some of the stuff, since I had already forgotten... Are you guys traveling for long?

Hope all is well!!!
mj (from the Vitesse Days...)

Isaac Epp and Kerry Laws said...

Hey MJ! Great to hear from you :)

In Italy we spent time in Venice, Florence, Rome, and Pompeii, and due to the wedding Kerry was in we spent about 8 days in Paris. It was a terrific trip, but we are now back in SF and hitting the grind as usual ;)

I love reading friend's travel tales, especially if it is a place I have visited, it really does bring it all back to life sentence by sentence. With TP in Thailand right now, I'm feeling really nostalgic for my trip there, but trying not to let it dilute my fresh memories from our most recent destination. Anyway, good times for sure!