Thursday, March 20, 2008

On our second day in Venice we made our way to the surrounding islands of Murano and Burano, famous for Venician glass and lace respectively. In Murano we had one of the best meals yet in Europe off the beaten track in the local hub of the island. It was a great meal filled with fish, squid, squid ink pasta, and the best most unbelievably tender octopus I've ever had.

In Burano, the buildings are even more saturated with color than those in the rest of Venice so we had a great time strolling the quaint cobbled streets and just taking it all in.

Kerry's head cold has persisted, and with it began a little ear stuffage with all the usual sinus junk. She started to get legitimately concerned that the deafness in one ear would be permanent. At various points throughout the day Kerry would tilt her head all the way back so her face was to the sun and then turn her head slightly to shift the fluids and get a little hearing back, and I realized... Maybe Jean de Arc wasn't actually turning her ear to hear the voice of some god, maybe she just had a head cold? I mean, what if she had friends who she just didn't hear until her ears cleared out a bit, and that didn't happen until she had her ear turned to the clouds? It's a theory, I'd like to see some grad student looking for a thesis topic pick up, I see great promise!

Whatever the symptoms of Kerry's cold are (I could read off the contents of her now French and Italian pharmacy in her purse for clues), a scoop of gelato seems to be the best cure, but really, what doesn't it help?!



S. Hallam said...

Is that a Chihuly? I know he did work in Venice. Anhow: jealous.

Isaac said...

I'm not sure, but in any event, it was really cool glass work! Thanks for the comment :)