Friday, August 3, 2007

At the river Styx

At the river Styx, originally uploaded by Simian Cephalopod.

So, we were trying to figure out where to go on Sunday and it ended up coming down to a crazy S and M pride festival, a trip to see the new otter exhibit at the Monterey aquarium, or to see if there was any way to get close to the crazy colored ponds that you always fly over coming into the city, (don't ask why those were our choices...). So anyway, in the end, the salt ponds were the choice de jour so we hit the Saab and trucked it all the way down to the South end of the bay.

This shot was taken while hiking around the salt evaporation ponds in the southern end of the San Francisco Bay. An explanation about why it is colored the way it is (yes that is the natural color of the water, no manipulation!), can be found here.

I had always wanted to check them out up close and personal ever since seeing the radical colors from plane windows that you can see as you fly into or out of the city. If you have never done that, it looks like this.

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