Monday, July 23, 2007

On the road to Yosemite

Road-To-Yosemite-One, originally uploaded by Simian Cephalopod.

This shot was taken just off of the highway on the way to Yosemite. The whole drive is fantastic and full of vistas like this one. It was a bit funny though, while surrounded with this level of beauty, they still had the gall to post signs for "Lookout Point Ahead" sights every few miles or so... just in case you weren't looking around the rest of the time. I didn't fully appreciate the reason for these sings until I was the one driving. While in some cases being the designated driver is due to the fact that your entourage is looking for a night out, in this case it means you only get to look at the view when they do post those signs for the Lookout Points so you have a reason to tell those in the car, "I'm sorry I need to pull over for a second". Luckily, Kerry was never one to complain about getting a closer look!

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